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'Apollo: Back to the Moon' Documentary Narration on The National Geographic Channel

"Apollo: Back to the Moon", a fascinating two-episode documentary, celebrates the 50th anniversary of humanity’s greatest achievement in space. The National Geographic Channel 's U.S. premiere, in July 2019, launched a global release in 24 countries.

Working closely with Executive Producer François Pomés and his team at Label News in Paris, I am thrilled to have voiced the narration for this captivating series.


Click each image below for a different sample clip.

Video clips copyright: Apollo: Back to The Moon / François Pomès / Label News / National Geographic Channel

Apollo: Back to the Moon documentary
Apollo: Back to the Moon sample
Apollo: Back to the Moon on National Geogaphic Channel
Another cool video game project

Got the nod from my client for another video game - called 'Blade and Soul'. So, back to their cozy little studio in LA (shown below) for a series of sessions - one of which had me voicing eight characters! Loved the challenge during pickups of getting back into character to match the voices, energy and tone from previous sessions with the cadre of characters.

Voicing multiple characters for 'Legion of Heroes'

Had a blast voicing a variety of characters for the 'Legion of Heroes' video game (a few of which are shown below). From the evil 'Modred' to the canine marksman 'Dober', each character required a whole different persona while advancing my acting and character voicing chops. Hmmmm, now if only I had Rideran's hair and his penetrating stare ;)

International documentary narration

A narration project I voiced really drove home just how global the voice over industry has become. The client is in Sweden! I've now recorded several times for them - including a remote directed session with one of their producers patched directly from my home studio... How cool! Click the image below to view the 30-minute documentary titled "Behind Bubbles In The Ballast Tanks".